Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Like Riding a Bicycle ... built for 2

posted by Sara Hennessy at 1:30 PM
I’ve been waiting and preparing for this all year, joining the cast of our fall show, Grace. It’s the first fully-realized production I’ve acted in since The Shape of Things followed by The God Botherers, both in my 1st trimester of pregnancy. Preparations are a little different this time around and I marvel at just how complicated I’ve made our lives by choosing to do this. It started with scheduling rehearsal. If I was to do this play, the impact on our son had to be as minimal as possible. This meant rehearsing later at night and cutting daytime weekend rehearsals to the absolute minimum. We aren’t cutting hours, just creating more nighttime rehearsals. This allows us to put our son to bed and hurry to the theatre each night without him knowing we’re gone. Thank you Eric, Brad & Katie for making this sacrifice in your own lives to accommodate me. I’m so fortunate to be a part of such a supportive group of people.

Next, we had to hunt for a babysitter. Our son attends daycare part-time during the day, but since rehearsals are at night, we had to find a reliable babysitter if this was to work. We needed one reliable person that would ensure that we were at all rehearsals and on time, with no effect on the rest of the cast and crew. As of today, we’ve had 5 rehearsals and 4 babysitters. I’m not sure who’s babysitting tomorrow night (hopefully a friend who wants to use our washer/dryer for laundry), and for the month of September, we’ve got 4 dates confirmed. So much for that plan!

So we put in some calls to the ultimate babysitters…grandparents. Unfortunately, they live in Texas, but with some well-timed visits, we should be able to cover the week of Tech, Previews, Opening and another key weekend of rehearsals. As far as the other dates…we’re keeping our fingers crossed it all works out.

So now our schedule is as follows: Go to the office and work all day (I work a day job), run out the door at 4pm to battle traffic and pick up our son at daycare. Run home for quality time, feeding, bathing, reading and bed. Grab a protein bar for the car and arrive at rehearsal just minutes before we begin. Get home about 11:30pm. Talk to the babysitter, try to relax and go to bed by about midnight/12:30pm. At 4am, the baby’s up (a result of going to bed at 6:30pm). Feed the baby and hope he’ll go right back down for another hour or so of sleep. Generally we’re back up at 6am. Time to get ready for work and get out the door by 6:45am and start the day over.

Why do it? Maybe I’m a little selfish (or a lot). I’m so happy to have a creative outlet again. I don’t mind sacrificing the down-time or the sleep. I’m having fun and I think I can make it work. I only hope that the outcome is a positive one for everybody.


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