Friday, November 10, 2006

What a Difference a Year Makes

posted by Sara Hennessy at 9:45 AM

I've blogged a couple of times about the adventures of being an artist and a parent. It's certainly had its crazy moments like during tech and dress when our babysitter/my mom flew in to help, got a terrible stomach virus and our plumbing backed up. Without a second to spare, we were helped tremendously by our great friends and ensemble members who helped watch our son at the theatre and our home, picked up our alternate babysitter and dealt with the plumbers and sewage cleanup crew (not to mention getting Gatorade for my ailing mother). Thanks to our friends and family and our fantastic son who never lets anything phase him, we made it through. We opened Grace successfully and we're having a great run, which is now extended to Dec. 2. Damaso stays home with our son while I go up to the theatre each night. We seem to be in kind of a routine now.

This week I've regularly asked myself, "What was I doing at this time last year?" On Tuesday, the answer was, 'Finding out that my amniotic fluid was too low and that I couldn't wait any longer to deliver the baby, so we scheduled an induction'. On Wednesday, the answer was, 'Checking into the hospital, getting hooked up to the IV while half-watching The Amazing Race and trying to get some sleep while waiting for labor to start.' Yesterday was spent looking at the clock and replaying the day of our son's birth. And last night, sometime during Scene 7, I celebrated the anniversary of the moment our son was born. Of course, I was aware it would happen sometime while I was onstage, and I didn't really think about it except before the show and after, but it seemed like a fitting celebration. We made it through the first year and we all survived. Not only that, but we figured out a way to bring this little boy into our lives and continue to be artists. We're not the first and we're not the last to do this, but it's not the easy route and I'm proud of us for staying the course. We've figured out a way to follow our passion and find happiness in the day-to-day. What more could anyone want?


Blogger Verity said...

SARA! Do you remember me? I just came accross your blog .... your little boy is beautiful! I seem to have lost your Mum's email address, please pass on my love ... hope all's well ... Verity x

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