Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Sell-Outs

posted by Damaso Rodriguez at 4:54 PM
We just sold out tonight's performance of Canned Peaches in Syrup. Every Saturday since our opening on October 6 has ultimately sold out (that's 80 seats in our case). What's particularly promising for the company is that this is occurring five weekends into our run with a couple weeks left to go. The house is full of strangers at this point, which tells us our new marketing efforts are working (see Though we're generally 'full' on Saturday nights, it's unusual for us to be running out of tickets hours or days before the performance (as was the case last week). This show thrives on a raucous, packed house and the cast feeds off of the energy. It should be a fun night tonight at the theatre!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Furious on the Radio

posted by Nick Cernoch at 2:28 PM
Canned Peaches in Syrup director Damaso Rodriguez appeared along with cast members Katie Davies and Shawn Lee on KPFK's Arts in Review program today. The half hour radio show, hosted by theatre and television critic Julio Martinez aired live from 12-12:30pm on 90.7 FM here in Los Angeles. We'd like to give a Furious thanks to Julio for having Damaso, Katie and Shawn on the air.

Hear Julio Martinez's interview by clicking here and choosing the Nov 1 Art in Review program.

Read Julio's full review of the play for Variety here.

Find out more about the show and get tickets here.