Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Three-Year Anniversary

posted by Eric Pargac at 2:11 PM
Today, April 26, is the three-year anniversary of the opening of our first show, Saturday Night at the Palace by Paul Slabolepszy at the Armory Northwest. This last weekend we closed our 8th production, The God Botherers by Richard Bean at the Pasadena Playhouse Balcony Theatre where we are in residence for the next four years. Now we are on to show #9, Tearing the Loom by Gary Mitchell.

Three years ago today, I would have been in a converted plastics warehouse screwing in the last row of seat before the audience showed up for opening night. I’m not gonna wax poetic about how rewarding it’s been or what a struggle it was. The truth is, since then I have just worked hard and enjoyed the ride.

Rehearsals for Loom have been going well. We tear down The God Botherers set tonight and begin construction of Loom. We have some big technical challenges ahead for this show. Loom will require another fast build. Our production crew has become tighter with each show, so I look forward to watching it come together.



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Congratuations Furious on Three F'ing Years!

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