Friday, May 12, 2006

Theatre for a New Generation

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Last month there were two interesting articles in the LA Weekly about the next generation of theatre audience (and the loss of the "traditional" audience). How do theatres and theatre companies attract and keep the next generation of theatre goers and why is it important that we do it?. Besides having to find a new career if we don't.

Successfully building a new Amercian theatre audience will no doubt require a great balancing act. Theatres and theatre companies will have to work harder at adapting their production style, marketing strategies, show choices and the overall theatre experience to attract masses of the millennials, and gen-xers and gen-yers that everyone is eager to get into their theatres. At the same time, there will have to be some level of interest and a willingness to try something new from these individuals we are all hoping to turn into "theatre goers." So, how do you help garner their interest?

That's the million dollar question. We certainly don't have it all figured out yet. However, we are trying to do whatever we can to win in this arena and become the theatre company the next generation wants and needs (still to be figured out as well). Thanks to the Pasadena Community Foundation, we have been awarded a $6,000 grant to spend on increasing our Marketing Technology. A new computer, software and programs to build stronger internet leveraging marketing campaigns and the ability to implement more "media" and technology into our productions. Direct Interaction with younger (potential) audiences through the mediums and forums that they are most comfortable with and engaged in, should be good place to start. We'll see. Anyone reading this blog should benefit from the grant. We'll now be posting lots more videoblogs, podcasts, etc. Thank you Pasadena Community Foundation.

One move the company has already made is creating our late-night comedy production - imMEDIAte theatre. Critics have called it a mix of Jon Stewart's Daily show and Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. Furious Late Night is something that has been long in the coming, but is here to stay now. Expect a few different shows from Furious Late Night this year. For now, you can check out imMEDIAte theatre through May 20.


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