Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Night of Theatre 2008 - Post 1 of 4

posted by brad at 1:45 PM
Ok, here is post 1 of 4 that we'll be doing this week regarding the Free Night of Theatre initiative for 2008.

Last time Furious participated in this program... the results were less than stellar. Read about it here. This time around, we have offered free tickets on four different nights, which has coincided well with our extended preview period. Within 24 hours of posting our offer for the west coast premiere of Gina Gionfriddo's U.S. Drag, all of the tickets we were offering had been reserved - 12 per night for four nights.

This past Sunday, we were expecting our first attendees of "Free Night." It was our second preview for the show and out of the 12 who reserved through Free Night, only 3 showed up. We also had two walk ups say they were there for Free Night, but they hadn't reserved, which was no problem. We happily welcomed them. So, we saw either a 75% or 65% no show rate through this "groundbreaking and remarkably effective" program.

Granted, we have three more nights (our remaining previews) left to participate, so maybe we'll see a better rate of attendees. We'll try and do some surveying of other theatres (smaller and larger) about how the program is working here in the LA area and post the info for those who are curious.

Be furious.


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