Friday, June 30, 2006

The Reaction to The Action

posted by brad at 1:56 PM
The show is up and running. The audiences are coming. What's the reaction?

On the Critics Front:
Los Angeles Times - Critic's Choice! "Excellent!" "Throat is an anxious and twisted parable for our time."
LA Weekly - Pick of the Week! Go! "a harrowing game of cat-and-mouse"
Pasadena Star News - "Extraordinary!" "Intense!"
Tolucan Times - "A Must See!"

Good stuff.

On the Audience Front:
We're receiving much feedback and many strong reactions to the play from the audience. That's what you want. There is a lot of post-show convesation happening around the Furious Bar, which we like. In general all is good. Below is a photo from the talkback with the playwright Yussef El Guindi Sunday night last weekend. It was an insightful Q & A and the reaction from those attending was positive. In the photo you can see guest moderator Shirley Jahad of NPR, Anthony Di Novi (Bartlett in the play), Yussef El Guindi, Director Damaso Rodriguez, Vonessa Martin (Shelly/Beth/Jean), Ammar Mahmood (Khaled), Aly Mawji (Asfoor) and Doug Newell (Carl).

We had a talkback and reaction of a different kind on opening night. About 3 minutes into the play one woman began to quietly mumble (angrily) in her second row seat. She looked as though she were trying to communicate with the actors onstage. It became more obvious that she was really quite bothered by what she was watching and couldn't stand not getting any response from the actors and also couldn't stay quiet any longer, so she and her companion (they claimed he was her son - not possible) got up and left. Somewhat making a disruption as they left. Once we escorted them outside it became apparent that the disruption had less to do with being upset with the play and much more to do with being ripped on their drug of choice. They were seriously out-of-their-mind high. We decided to refund their money and kindly ask them to leave, despite their request to stay and eat at the reception (understandably so, they had the munchies).

Reactions are good. Come have one. Be Furious.


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