Friday, May 26, 2006

In the Room

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We wanted to give you a little look into what goes on in the rehearsal room and behind the scene as we ramp up for Back of the Throat, so we'll be posting pictures on the blog from time to time. Here are some of the faces and names you may be seeing:

Khaled - Ammar Mahmood
Carl - Doug Newell
Bartlett - Anthony Di Novi
Shelly/Beth/Jean - Vonessa Martin
Asfoor - Aly Mawji

Director - Damaso Rodriguez
Stage Manager - Christie Wright (that's me)
Production Intern - Jennie Inglis
Set Designer - Shawn Lee
Lighting Designer - Dan Jenkins
Sound Designer - Cricket Strother Myers
Costume Designer - Rachel Canning
Production Manager - Nick Cernoch
Graphic Designer/Producer - Eric Pargac
Producer - Brad Price
Producer - Sara Hennessy

These are pictures taken on my camera phone from rehearsal tonight:

Damaso giving notes

Doug and Ammar

Anthony on break


Ammar not in character

Doug and Anthony

Action ensues

Damaso and Jennie

Anthony, Ammar, and Doug


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