Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Great Place To Be

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Today a short feature ran in the Pasadena Weekly about our production of "Back of the Throat." The first paragraph said:

"Check out any season of theater at the Pasadena Playhouse, and you’ll find yourself treated to a wide array of genres befitting one of the nation’s most famous stage institutions. In fact, the theater’s current productions are a perfect example: On the main stage, you’ll find two musicals about marriage, while in the smaller Balcony Theatre upstairs, you’ll find a darkly comic drama that explores how far US government agents should go in questioning Arab Americans as terror suspects."

More proof positive of the beneficial partnership between us and Pasadena Playhouse. Not only are we thankful for being hosted in the Balcony Theatre, being recognized as the resident artists of a major regional theatre with a national reputation and the having access to the resources of a major theatre institution ... but it is also nice to know that people out in the community and industry are starting to recognize both the importance and success of the relationship. We are good for the Playhouse and the Playhouse is good for (and to) us.

Back in 2004 when we were having conversations with Playhouse leadership about the possibility of a long-term partnership, we both had a clear idea of why it would be/could be/should be a good thing. Not just for both of us, but for the theatre scene and for our community. If we take a snapshot of what's happening right now, one would be hard pressed to argue against it.

1. The Playhouse has monumental shows happening this fall (Laurence Fishburne and Angela Basset in Fences - c'mon that's HUGE!) and will be announcing another great season for 2007. That is great for us. We win by association.

2. FTC is producing to great critical acclaim in the Playhouse's Balcony Theatre, bringing young audiences to the Playhouse campus and developing relationships with emerging writers. Great for the Playhouse. They win by association.

But it goes deeper than just association. There is a great admiration from both institutions for the other's leadership, staff and artistic goals and the Playhouse is helping to groom a new generation of theatre artists and administrators through their generous hosting of our company. Some of us have even been given opportunities to work at the Playhouse. Bottom line, we're honored to be here at such an exciting time and to be part of a truly unique and (so we think) important relationship.

Be Furious.


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