Monday, September 18, 2006

Stage to Screen... and Back Again

posted by brad at 10:55 AM

There was a really great article in yesterday's LA Times about Theatre writers who also write for TV.

Jan Breslauer mentions Craig Wright, award winning playwright and author of GRACE (we open the LA premiere in 3 weeks), twice in the article. Mr. Wright has been responsible for numerous episodes of Six Feet Under, Lost and is now working on ABC's new series Brothers and Sisters.

Besides the obvious trend of more playwrights compelled to work in the TV world and make the one hour drama a better, more engaging product... the trend seems to be true in the reverse. These writers are all bringing more challenging theatricality to their stage scripts (more progressive effects/elements in the design and production execution requirements... more TV or film-like) as well as changing the average length of our new American plays. Mostly all coming out to 90-100 minutes. No intermission. Etc.

Let's hope that these incredibly talented writers continue to love both mediums. The world of entertainment, live and taped is better because of what's happening right now.


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