Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Playgoer Speaks

posted by Furious Theatre Company at 1:47 PM
"So here's our project--let's bring them our theatre hating friends up to date. Theatre doesn't have to be what they remember from high school, or what Broadway marketers tell them. Yes, take them to classic theatre when it's really well done. But also show them there are people their own age working for and writing in the theatre who are drawing on all the same rock and media references they are."

Check out our links to the right and you'll see one for a blog called "The Playgoer". If you're looking for some frequently updated, excellent criticism and discussion of the New York (and to a certain degree national) theatre scene, you should be reading this blog.

The quote above is from his 8/16 post on the quest for "Young Audiences" (and he doesn't mean children's theatre). We couldn't agree more. We're in. Here's to still being in their demographic when the young theatre-haters convert.


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