Friday, March 30, 2007

Live from Humana - Day 1

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Alright. So, with Furious one week away from opening our first world premiere... the company has been kind enough to allow me to sneak out to Louisville and see some new plays at the Humana Festival. I am also fortunate enough to have 3 Furious Board members (Paul, Robert and Sheila) and guests along for the trip. We're a group of 9, trying to make our presence known on behalf of Furious. I'll try to blog each day about what we see and experience.

Day #1 went something like this:
We left LA at 9am, all together, arriving here in Louisville around 3:30pm. The flight was a great time (we flew on a chartered gulfstream. wow.) with lots of "Furious" discussion and conversation happening the entire flight. Almost like having many mini board meetings. I think the endless supply of screwdrivers helped fuel the dialogue.

Once in Louisville, we split up into two different hotels, both within a few blocks of ATL. At 6:30 we attended a weekend kick-off reception before seeing the first play in our package - Dark Play or Stories for Boys by Carlos Murillo. I'm looking forward to seeing what our good friends from the Theatre at Boston Court in Pasadena do with the west coast premiere of this play later in the year. A few others in the group attended The Open Road Anthology (co-written by a familiar face from LA, which I ran into tonight, Michael John Garces of Cornerstone Theatre Company, who also directed "Dark Play") at 10:30, while the rest of us headed out to a later dinner, because our package has us seeing that play early on Sunday morning. Much more passionate conversation at dinner about "the state of theatre", the play we just saw and everything that's cookin' at Furious and Pasadena Playhouse right now... all washed down with great steak and a little vino.

Tomorrow we'll see three plays and attend the Festival Gala (Schmooze time) at the end of the night. Then 4 plays on Sunday, including Craig Wright's newest, The Unseen. Very much looking forward to that.

That's all for Day 1. More to come tomorrow.

Be Furious.


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