Monday, March 05, 2007

Successfully Navigating the Labyrinth

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A good read in the NY Times regarding the Labyrinth Theater Company's new production, Jack Goes Boating, opening in a few weeks at the Public Theatre. The story in the Times sheds light on the company's 15 year history, their process and how artists like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Rockwell and Eric Bogosian shaped it along the way.

Inspiring to read the details. We too, are big fans of the annual summer retreat. I imagine we'll find ourselves back in Palm Springs this summer (where it all began for us in 2001) for "Furious Retreat 5."

Be Furious.


Anonymous Pete Parkin said...

I was a member of the last class to graduate from the Playhouse in 1969.
And I am currently the President of the Playhouse Alumni Association.
I was one of the people involved in the re opening of the Playhouse in 1979 after it had sat empty and abandoned for a decade.
One of the things I did was participate in turning the Carrie Hamilton theatre into the Balcony theatre. Like with a wrecking bar and lot's of sweat. It was two small theatres when I was there. With a common lobby between them. The Prickett theatre was on the west end and the Huxley was on the east. I directed the last show in the Huxley for my Masters thesis project. Slow Dance on the Killing Ground by William Hanley. Things were hectic when the Playhouse shut down in June of '69. We had commencement, they locked the doors and we left.When I came back in again in 1979 to lead the new "owners" through the vacant building, I was both delighted and surprised that the set for Slow Dance was still on stage! It stopped me cold.
Thought you might be interested.
Coming to see your show on Sat and really looking forward to it.
Pete Parkin

1:35 PM  

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