Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year's Challenge?

posted by brad at 7:24 PM

This week's LA Weekly has two different "end of the year" features. One by Steven Leigh Morris and one from Steven Mikulan. Both are good reading and offer insightful criticism and a few challenges/charges for the LA theatre community.

SLM continues to keep his focus on what's happening downtown and what Michael Ritchie can do/should do for LA theatre in the national scene. Mikulan's re-cap gives us a couple of nice mentions and is clear in stating that he'd like to see something fresher from the small theatres and is hoping to see more world premieres in 2007.

As we work to pick material and projects for next season, world premieres (originals, not adaptations) are on our mind as well. All but one of our plays have been premieres of one kind or another... but I suspect we'll be seeing FTC's first world premiere(s) in 2007.

Be Furious in the new year.


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