Tuesday, May 23, 2006

imMEDIAte, back soon

posted by Katie at 1:52 PM

We just finished our 12 week run of imMEDIAte Theatre. For those of you that didn't catch it, imMEDIAte is an improvised show based on the media. We take newspaper headlines, video clips, and audience suggestions and spin them into a sixty-minute show that's different every week.

Including the fall imMEDIAte shows, which ran after the Saturday night performances of Fair Maid of the West, that puts us at 15 imMEDIAte shows in 6 months. Not a bad run. With 1 rehearsal a week and 1 show a week, it almost feels like a vacation, at least in comparison with our busier times. However, it's still enough to spark creative juices and differences a plenty.

We found that while the audiences for the show were not as huge as we'd like, they were very steady and quite receptive. At certain shows, the audience participation & comments (both of which are widely encouraged) have proved themselves invaluable to the show. While the majority of our audience for imMEDIAte was college-age folks, we know that it appeals to a much larger segment of the community as well and we're looking for more ways to get the word out. Speaking of college, we've had some good reviews from both the Campus Circle and Campus Times, so that certainly can't hurt.

We're currently holding the run due to our upcoming production of Back of the Throat. We're in full rehearsal mode and two of our imMEDIAte cast members (Doug and Vonessa) are in the show, one (Nick) is Production Managing, one (Eric) is in charge of Marketing and the website, and one (me) is Sound Board Operator. So needless to say, while we ramp up for this show, the ensemble (see my post) has to be fully devoted to nurturing Back of the Throat.

However, once we are in full swing with Back of the Throat, imMEDIAte is BACK ON starting July 8th, Saturdays @ 10pm! In the meantime, read the news and become our friend @ www.myspace.com/furiouslatenight.


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