Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's with the name change?

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Playhouse Board Member Martha Williamson celebrates with Carol Burnett after the unveiling of The Carrie Hamilton Theatre.

Some of you may have seen information in various papers regarding the Pasadena Playhouse Balcony Theatre becoming the "Carrie Hamilton Theatre." We wanted to give you all the scoop so that you felt completely informed and in the know about what this means for FTC.

On Monday a small private ceremony was held at the Playhouse to officially rename the Balcony Theatre to "The Carrie Hamilton Theatre at Pasadena Playhouse." This is happening due to the generosity of Carol Burnett and her close friends who have pledged and donated 1 million dollars to the Playhouse's capital campaign, which includes a plan for renovations to the (former) Balcony Theatre. The gifts were given in honor of Carol's late daugther Carrie Hamilton with an understanding that the theatre would receive her name if the 1 million dollar goal was reached. It has been reached and so an event was held to commemorate the success. Coverage of the event could be seen on Entertainment Tonight last night.

As of Monday, that space will now be known as "The Carrie Hamilton Theatre" and the theatre (where we produce) will undergo much needed renovations later this year, into early next year. We will most likely produce one show off-site (at another theatre we hope) before coming back to produce as the resident artists of the newly renovated theatre. The theatre will get new HVAC, new electrics, plumbing, seating, etc. Which means, soon you'll have a beautiful new space to enjoy FTC productions.

We are proud to be associated with such a classy, thoughtful and generous (and of course talented) individual such as Carol and we are also proud to be a group of artists working in a space whose namesake was a daring young artist who was fearlessly passionate about her art and cared about the people she hoped to reach through her art.

So, now we are known as: Furious Theatre Company - Resident Artists of the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse. Hope that helps clear up any questions. It's a great thing.

Be Furious.


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