Monday, September 18, 2006

The Scar

posted by Eric Pargac at 3:29 PM

So I play Sam, the not-so-religious neighbor in Craig Wright's "Grace." Sam has been disfigured in a car accident so we've been working on creating the scar. Christa McCarthy, our makup designer, has come up with a great technique that uses wax, which I will apply and basically build the whole thing from scratch myself for each performance. Christa did it the first time to teach me what i need to do, and this is the scar the first time I applied it myself on 9/17 without Christa. In our previous incarnations Christa and I tried using a little blush, and we liked the effect of the red, so she got some red makeup to see how that works. Dámaso Rodriguez, the director, liked the effect but thought it was a little too red. I agree. I kinda just got wild with it just to see what would happen, so I can pull back on the amount I use. I also think we might be able to help that with more highlight colors. I really just have reds now. I’ll have to ask Christa about possibly using highlights. It also tends to pull up at the bottom on the more fleshy cheek area. We’ll have to try new techniques to help prevent that. I'll continue to work on it to get better. I can already tell I need to pay more attention at the top and in the areas that are hard for me to see. It went pretty smoothly this first time, though, so I think it's just gonna keep getting better.

See more scar photos!


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