Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Awards, Reviews, Podcasts and More...

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This is sort of a hodge-podge entry... so thanks in advance for indulging.

Last Monday night we had the distinct pleasure of accepting the "Best Playwright" award for Yussef El Guindi and his play Back of the Throat at the 2006 LA Weekly Theatre Awards (pictured above). Unfortunately Yussef couldn't make it down from Seattle because he was on route to Chicago where he's working on a new play. We just opened our current show and everyone was pretty exhausted, so I ended up representing the company as a single, slipping in and out pretty quickly to accept the award. It was a bit of a bizarre experience, walking in at the last minute, alone, not dressed in the suggested 1940's attire like the other 650 people in the room who were there to party. Anyway, Yussef's award came early on and I was out in a total of about 45 minutes. $20 to park, $8 for a gin-and-tonic, 45 minutes of my day... another "Furious" writer being celebrated by Los Angeles Critics - priceless.

During a time when we are focused on building relationships with writers, it gives us a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to have the playwrights we've recently worked with get something out of the relationship as well, besides a (small) royalty check. The past three shows in particular have been incredibly rewarding for Furious in terms of benefiting from a true working relationship with three of the country's most promising young playwrights. To have both writers from our 2006 season, Craig Wright (Grace) and Yussef El Guindi be recognized for their talents as a direct result of our relationship with them is a great feeling. We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to premiere their plays here in LA and we know the recognition and attention they recieved from those premieres was sincerely appreciated.

Our current collaborator, Matt Pelfrey, is also receiving some nice recognition for his play on the Furious stage right now, the world premiere of An Impending Rupture of the Belly.

Check out some of the reviews for his new play and our production of it here.

Also look for a longer feature review from Steven Mikulan of the LA Weekly in Thursday's paper.

We're stoked to finally be working with Matt after a 5-year courtship with him. We knew he was a "Furious" writer from the beginning, and it seems that the timing and script were right for this one. It's kind of a big relief, because even though we were 100% committed to both writer and script... when you're putting up a world premiere (and our first at that), there's never anything to learn from regarding past reviews, productions, etc, you're really out there finding your way on your own. You can expect to see more from the Pelfrey/Furious relationship in years to come.

If you want to hear a little bit about our process working with Matt on this world premiere, check out our new podcasts page here. You can listen to Damaso talking about his process as a director, Matt talking about his process as a writer and Vonessa and I talking a little about our approach to finding scripts and writers.

In other news... Furious Late Night's production of imMEDIAte Theatre is up and running again. Catch it on Saturday night's at 10:15 pm.

Ok, that's it. Thanks for reading. Be Furious.


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