Friday, April 27, 2007

The First Five Years

posted by brad at 9:06 PM
Yesterday marked 5 years to the day of our very first public performance - the U.S. premiere of Saturday Night at the Palace on April 26th, 2002. Tomorrow will mark 5 years to the day of the feature article "The Determined and the Furious" hitting the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times - instantly putting Furious Theatre Company on the map. It hasn't been easy, in fact it seems to only get harder... but we've never looked back and we've enjoyed the experience and each other thus far.

So, how did we celebrate last night? By delaying the start of the show by about 15 minutes because 10 of our lighting instruments stop working at around 7:40 pm and while Nick and Christie and Vonessa scrambled to try and solve the electrical hijinks, Damaso and the cast/crew scrambled to re-block scenes to adjust to the lack of lit areas. The show went fine, the actors survived, the audience didn't seem to mind... and just like that, 5 years were officially in the books. Good times.

A shout out to the Theatre Gods for always keeping us humble and on our toes.

Be Furious.


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