Friday, October 05, 2007

From The Booth - Final Preview

posted by Doug Newell at 7:55 PM
7:55 - Really full house tonight. Lot's of the Playhouse Staff is here including Sheldon Epps, Playhouse Artistic Director.

8:06 - We increased a level going into the show and it helped. Seems to mask the actors moving into place better on the darkened staged.

8:19 - Missed line. I would imagine at this point its caused by nerves. Certainly a benefit to have this many people here for a preview before opening night, get the actor's used to it.

8:26 - It always fascinates me how different audiences laugh at different things. A sure-fire laugh one night can be a dud and a line that never got a laugh before can induce howls.

8:36 - The sight of a prop gets a great laugh.

8:39 - A fight gets great laughs. Good teamwork by the actors. Our fight choreographer should be proud, the actors are continually nailing this.

9:00 - End of Act 1. Good sign when the audience is laughing in the intermission and swapping their favorite lines.

9:10 - Just reset the cue cause we're running long in between acts. Need to find some more music to cover extended intermissions.

9:15 - I notice a couple of empty seats. I think that officially makes our first walk outs (awfully nice of them to wait till intermission).

9:46 - The new scenic element I mentioned in the last post is now getting a laugh.

10:08 - Show ran a little long. Must have been all the holding for laughs, so I guess that's ok.

Well all that's left is to go public, for the press. Opening night should be a blast.
Look forward to seeing you at the theatre.


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