Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reaction to the Action

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"To be avoided if at all possible."

So reads the last line of a disapproving Reader Review from an audience member writing under the handle of "Billdaws" on the LA Times website. It even comes with this easy to interpret image:

You can see the full reader review here. The silver lining in this frowny faced review? It's a strong reaction - and that's what we're after. It's why we produce theatre. Who's interested in seeing or presenting something that is "moderately" anything? Not us.

Below is a quick run down of the critical reaction to Canned Peaches in Syrup:

David Ng from the Los Angeles Times seems to like it and gives it the rating of RECOMMENDED. He says it is "a smart and wicked farce acted with animal intensity."

Les Spindle of Back Stage West raves about the play in his CRITIC'S PICK write up by saying "Director Dámaso Rodriguez's incisive world-premiere rendition is a bold and thrillingly theatrical exploration of Jones' intriguing themes."

Julio Martinez of Variety also seems to give us the favorable nod in his Variety review, stating that "Brit scripter Alex Jones has impressively intermingled an everyday struggle to survive with the often-hilarious absurdity of the human spirit..."

LA Weekly's Steven Mikulan appears to have hated the play itself, but as usual, he has an excellently written critique in a great feature about the production which pays homage to some of the performances, Hee Haw and James Colburn.

Other notable men and women about town offering their takes on the show include Mr. Don Shirley of LA Citybeat who notes that the cast is dynamite, and this grimly funny work ultimately serves as a chilling siren, Sharon Pearlmutter of Talkin' who ends her review by saying the production " has a few moments that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre ... ... with a hankering for some sticky sweet peaches ... ... or a great big slab of meat.". We'll include the Pasadena papers' thoughts as soon as they print something. [UPDATE] This just in from the provocative journalistic giant, the Pasadena Weekly: Scriber April Caires sums up her experience with "it's like no play you've seen before."
That is true.

More info coming soon regarding our walk-out count.

Be Furious.


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