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In case you missed the awesome feature in this past weekend's Sunday Times or the post on the LA Times Culture Monster Blog. Here are a couple of preview pieces written by Charlotte Stoudt on our co-production with The Theatre @ Boston Court.

This one ran in print on Sunday and on the LA Times online entertainment section:

Collaboration makes way for 'The Pain and the Itch'

Pasadena's Furious Theatre Company and Boston Court combine resources to stage the Bruce Norris satire, which pokes fun at liberal proclivities.
By Charlotte Stoudt
July 19, 2009
If you customize your latte at Starbucks, choke up at images of the Obamas from election night and TiVo at least one show on PBS featuring British accents, playwright Bruce Norris has you in his sights.

After successful runs in New York, London, Chicago and Boston, Norris' wicked satire of blue-state family values, "The Pain and the Itch," opens Saturday in a co-production between Pasadena's Furious Theatre Company and Theatre @ Boston Court. With an elaborate set, production-specific videos and a central role for a 4-year-old, "Pain" required the combined resources of two theater companies known for risky programming.
Sometimes it takes a village to offend liberals.

Click here to read the full feature.

This blog about the show was also posted to the LA Times Culture Monster Arts blog:

The pain of creating 'The Pain and the Itch'
by Charlotte Stoudt
4:00 PM, July 18, 2009
Director Damaso Rodriguez knew he was facing certain challenges with “The Pain and the Itch,” set to open at Theatre @ Boston Court on July 25. Bruce Norris’ intricate satire of blue state bad manners requires a major role for a child actor, an extensive set and the use of video. But the Furious Theatre Company artistic director never anticipated that staging a play could feel so much like shooting a movie.

Click here to read the full blog.

The Pain and the Itch opens this Saturday, July 25th and will close August 23rd...get your tickets now!


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