Monday, August 07, 2006

Note to Back Stage West

posted by Damaso Rodriguez at 10:45 AM
Dear Back Stage West,

This is a really excellent feature story by Les Spindle on our cool Playhouse District neighbor, Theatre at Boston Court co-artistic director Jessica Kubzansky. We know Jessica, love her work, and have always found her to be extremely friendly and supportive of our work down the street at Furious.

I'd love to see a feature every week on our most prominent Los Angeles theatre scene-makers, as well as on emerging up-and-comers. Certainly, a weekly column such as this could run for years without ever running out of great subjects and would do wonders to educate us all about each other's work.

While you're at it, how about a weekly profile of one of our first-rate theatre companies? We might learn something by reading about each other's origins, successes, challenges (failures?) and the way we each struggle in our own way to produce theatre in this film/tv town.

Regardless of whether or not you take my perhaps overzealous suggestion requesting that you commit to two regular weekly features, I'm eager to read more great pieces like this.

Damaso Rodriguez

P.S. One more request. I love the idea behind the new "Cues" blog on the website, but New York is really kicking our west coast butts in the post count. It's been weeks since the last "L.A. Theatre" post, and that was by out-of-towner Jeffrey Sweet.


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