Monday, August 07, 2006


posted by Katie at 11:10 AM

Cut to a mildy warm California summer night, The Carrie Hamilton Theatre @ The Pasadena Playhouse, a hip improv show a.k.a ImMEDIAte Theatre in progress.....

At approximately 10:22pm, in the middle of the newsroom portion of the show (this one centered around investigative reports involving the denial of the moon landing), THE LIGHTS GO OUT. First thought, did our light board fail? Second thought, is Jethro doing a "bit" from the booth? Third thought.......LET'S PLOW ON! These people are here to see a show, lack of power shant stop us.

Magically, flashlights appear (yes, we are always prepared) and the blackout becomes integrated into the newsroom. The "News Station" we are all performing from also suffers a blackout, but our station prevails and we deliver. There are even reports from the moon, represented by our largest Mag-Lite. At one point, it is confirmed by Vonessa (in the audience, who is not officially a cast member at the time) that we, the Furious are not alone in our time of outage. The Playhouse is also out, as well as some other spots down the block. And then...just as Doug (the host and head anchor) is considering yelling "Free blackout booze in the lobby", he instead begins to close the segment by mentioning that since we have no audio he will finish the newsroom with a song. He starts to stand on top of the news anchor desk.....and BOOOM, full lights up! The timing simply could not have been more perfect and we all frollicked around the stage for a good minute celebrating along with our audience what good fortune we had that night.

The show, of course, went on after that and I dare say it was our best show yet. If you beg to differ, you can at least admit that no one in the audience or on the stage will ever forget THE INFAMOUS '06 BLACKOUT.

For more untold exciting events such as these, do not miss our last two imMEDIAte shows until October. Saturday nights @10pm! Be there or be ashamed you missed out.


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