Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

posted by brad at 1:38 PM
photo by Anthony Masters

Last night was a night off for the actors in Grace. Our last chance to catch our breath, recharge and relax our brains a little before this week of final dress rehearsals, previews and the opening weekend festivities.

It was not however, a night off for the crew, the designers and the director. They of course were at the theatre continuing to fine tune all of the elements to help deliver the full potential of this amazing play Craig has created.

Tonight we have final dress and we will start previews tomorrow, at 8pm.

Check back for more photos and reviews very soon. We'll see what we can do this go around to capture some pictures from the opening night hullabaloo and post those too.

In the meantime... an interesting entry here (always something good at the Playgoer blog) regarding the non profit model and the importance in today's climate to find more investor types. Regardless of your tax classification. Something we've definitely been discussing regarding our future and the kind of work we want to be free to do as well.

Be Furious.


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