Monday, October 02, 2006

Sam's Scar 2

posted by Eric Pargac at 2:49 PM

So here’s the latest on how the scar is looking. Christa McCarthy, the makeup designer for the show who developed this whole scar and application method, had me bring the overall red color down by going back over the whole treatment with more of the original base color. I think it helps it blend and look more organic. The director, Dámaso Rodrogiuez, wanted to go smaller with it so we don't go as far down the cheek. I like that change. The scar is still bad enough that Sam would not want other people seeing it, but it's a little less jarring than the previous version. I have also been working on making it look more like a scar from a bad accident and less like a burn. To do that, I try to smooth the wax out more once I have it all applied then I try to create seams where stitches might have been. This was taken after a dress rehearsal and the bottom edge of the scar is coming up near the cheek. It is much more difficult to get it to stick in that area because it is more fleshy and has to move more when I talk. Christa is working on new ways to help keep that down.

See more scar photos!


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