Wednesday, November 29, 2006

long time, no blog

posted by Katie at 8:03 PM
So, I've been meaning to blog about this for a while. From Mamet' s Three Uses of the Knife- On the Nature and Purpose of Drama:

"Stanislavsky says there are two kinds of plays. There are plays that you leave, and you say to yourself, 'By God, I just, I never, gosh, I want to, now I understand! What a masterpiece! Let's go get a cup of coffee,' and by the time you get home, you can't remember the name of the play, you can't remember what the play was about.

And there are plays-and books and songs and poems and dances- that are perhaps upsetting or intricate or unusual, that you leave unsure, but which you think about perhaps the next day, and perhaps for a week, and perhaps for the rest of your life. Because they aren't clean, they aren't neat, but there's something in them that comes from the heart, and, so, goes to the heart."

I am proud to say that furious does the latter type of play. That's all. That's all.


Blogger Komedy Kollective Theatre said...

It's great to come across more and more refreshingly accessible drama blogs on the world wide web.

Theatre blogs are few and far between, compared with movie release blogs, or musical blogs, for instance, which is a great shame.

Over in the United Kingdom, there is a major revival in Dario Fo-style satirical drama. The United Kingdom’s “Komedy Kollective Theatre Company” are carefully crafting an upbeat and funky big-stage comedy horror theatre musical with meaningful political subplot about an unpopular British prime minister seeking re-election, called Restart, which will be finished in the near future, and ready for national and international touring.

I see Furious Theatre performed a Richard Bean play, a while back. We met Richard Bean last summer in Liverpool, at the Everyman, and were immediately converted to the Monsterist movement. It's about time large national and provincial theatres were willing to perform work by new writers involving more than five actors.

Anyway, if any theatre lovers reading this, would wish to find out more about the north of england's Komedy Kollective, our web address is: -

Bye for now,
Komedy Kollective Theatre (UK)

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