Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Opening Weekend: An Intern's Perspective

posted by Nick Cernoch at 4:38 PM

The Pain and the Itch Has Opened!

The jarring content of Bruce Norris’ The Pain and the Itch was perfect for Furious’ first ever co-production with The Theatre @ Boston Court. A year and some pocket change after the decision was made, the show opened. The weekend was a very exciting one for Furious, with a successful fundraising event filled with generous supporters and of course the West Coast premiere of the monstrous baby that is The Pain and The Itch.

As the Furious summer intern, some of the biggest tasks I have had were all centered around one night, July 26th: our opening weekend fundraising event and performance. That night finally came this past weekend. It felt like prom; all of the planning had happened and it was now out of our hands, and we were waiting in our nice clothes for people to show up.

The event was held in the beautiful Pasadena Playhouse library Sunday evening, with awesome food from Elements Kitchen (especially the pita chips and the chocolate tarts…oh my gosh…) and some great storytelling by Furious co-founder, company member, and P & I director Dámaso Rodriguez and Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre @ Boston Court Michael Michetti. The guests learned about brief versions of the histories of both companies and how they finally came together for this amazing production. They also discussed the play itself, the budget-deceiving set, and challenges brought about by this particular production, among other things. Additionally mentioned was the Furious Ebay Auction, please please please contact us at furioustheatre@yahoo.com or 626 792-7116 you have anything to donate!

The show itself, in my opinion at least, is incredibly funny and entertaining, but also extremely challenging. Dámaso referred to it during his storytelling as an “equal opportunity offender.” Much of the chatter I heard after the show on Sunday night included people reflecting on their own lives and reassuring their specific distinctions from these characters. One patron exclaimed “What a rollercoaster ride!” I think this is very true: it is a rollercoaster ride. If there were audience instructions they would be laugh, tear up, kick yourself for laughing, gasp, laugh, reel back in shock, laugh, and repeat. It’s truly a must see.

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